Seen the Film? Here are 5 things that come next…

Thank you for going to see our film! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the experience.

If you’re like a lot of people who previewed it, however, you may have left the theater feeling a bit overwhelmed.

That’s understandable. When we were editing the film, I tried to balance breadth of coverage with depth of insight. It was a challenge, and I probably erred on the side of a bit more material than a bit less. The pace of the film is also pretty quick if you’re not familiar with the topics. (One reviewer called it a “whirlwind” and she’s probably right…)

In light of that, you may be interested in ways to get a firmer grasp on the material. Here are 5 options for you:

1. Order the DVD or Blu-ray

One of the best ways to listen to the film is to do so at your own pace. DVDs and Blu-rays are now on sale and will ship out April 11.  If you want to be one of the first people to receive a copy, you can order one today.

The discs include the Feature Film (101 minutes) and some great bonus features, including three new PhDs explaining some important topics:

  • The Ice Age & Climate Change: Larry Vardiman, PhD (Atmospheric Scientist) – 15 min
  • Engineering the Universe: Stuart Burgess, PhD (Mechanical Engineer) – 18 min
  • The Church and Creation: Douglas Kelly, PhD (Theologian) – 12 min
  • Q&A with Dr. Del Tackett & Scientists – 13 min [shown in theaters after the film]

2. Use Our Free Resources

We put together a lot of materials to support the film that you can access for free:

3. Look for Our Additional Materials

IGH products will be distributed and sold through Compass Classroom (the educational company associated with Compass Cinema, the production company behind the film). These products will also be sold through major Christian retailers, Creation ministries, and other outlets.

  1. DVD & Blu-Ray – (See above for complete description.)  Shipping April 11.
  2. Is Genesis History? Companion Book a consolidation and distillation of all the material covered in the film. Available May.
  3. Church/Group Licenses – Starting April 11.
  4. The Interviews  (multi-volume book set) –  edited transcripts of the full interviews with the scientists. Vol 1 available late April.
  5. Extended Materials (multi-volume DVD set) – Approximately 30-40 hours of interviews with scientists. These will be edited into 60 shorter videos approximately 20 minutes each. Vol 1 available in May and following.
  6. Church Set (DVD/book set) – Six lessons and an accompanying book for use in churches. Available in May. 

4. Explore Creation Ministry Resources

We partnered with a number of great creation ministries who have extensive resources on their websites. I relied on many semi-technical and technical materials to help me research the project. There are other great online creation resources, but these are just some of the larger ones from our partners.

Websites (Introductory to Semi-Technical):

Magazines (Introductory to Semi-Technical):

Journals (Technical):

  • Answers Research Journal – Dr. Andrew Snelling is the editor of the journal. All articles are available only as PDFs for download. (est. 2008)
  • Creation Research Society Quarterly – This is the longest-standing creation journal that goes back to the first days of Dr. Henry Morris. When you subscribe, you get a paper version quarterly and access to all back issues. (est. 1964)
  • Journal of Creation – Many of the scientists in the film have published in this journal of CMI. Some require subscription and some are available free. When you subscribe, you get a paper version quarterly and access to all back issues. (est. 1984)

5.  Read Some Books

One of the best ways to learn about these topics is to buy a book on it and start plowing through. As I continue to fill out my Director’s Field Notes, I’ll be mentioning many of the 100+ books that I read on these topics (and many more articles).  Here’s a quick overview of six books that I found particularly helpful in a general way: Six Books to Understand Genesis.

In closing, thank you again for joining us on the journey to learn more about God’s creation. Our hope is to continue to provide you, your family, and your church with resources and guidance toward learning more about God’s word and His incredible creation.


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