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Back in Select Theaters
February 22 only!

We’re excited to announce a special anniversary showing of Is Genesis History? If you missed seeing it in the theater, now’s your chance. If you saw it and want to bring a group, this is the perfect time to do it. Follow Del Tackett as he explores the beauty of God’s creation in this unique theatrical event.

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Includes a New Tour of the Ark Encounter

At the end of the film, join Dr. Del Tackett as he explores the incredible Ark Encounter with three college students. This new segment will look at the importance of Genesis to the millennial generation. A great conversation starter for younger Christians.

Jimmy — This makes much more sense than what I was taught.
Gisel — I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! One of my favorites!!!
Donna — This is awesome.
Timoteo — Just ordered the movie for my collection yesterday. Can’t wait to see it again and show others!
Rina — Genesis IS History, love these movies!
Joseph — One of the most uplifting Christian movies I have ever seen.
Brenda — Thank you all for making this movie! My kids and I are loving it
Paulo — This movie is awesome. I watched it 3 times
Duane — This presentation was phenomenal.
Donna — I love this movie. It felt truthful! It made sense.
Bobby — Excellent material for faith building!
Vern — Would recommend this movie, just get your smart glasses on!
Leslie — I was fascinated with this documentary.

Back in Theaters on Feb 22! Get Tickets for the Anniversary Event that includes Del Tackett touring the Ark Encounter Dismiss