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Complete Creation Bundle with Feature Film DVD

The Creation Bundle represents our entire creation science collection. It includes over 16 hours of fascinating videos filled with incredibly compelling evidence for biblical creation. (9 DVDs and Study Book)

“Is Genesis History? is a necessary multi-tool in the kit of anyone who hopes to believe more deeply in – and communicate more knowledgeably about – the possibility of a young Earth and the reliability of the Bible’s creation account.” – Shawn McElvoy

Here’s What’s Included:

Is Genesis History? Feature Film
The original feature film that follows Del Tackett and over a dozen scientists as they explore the science behind the history recorded in Genesis. This eye-opening film will transform the way you see the world. (1 DVD)

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 1 Rocks and Fossils (20 videos) – Explore the huge impact of the global flood with five geologists and paleontologists. From dinosaurs to the Ice Age, learn much more about what the Flood did to transform the earth. (3 DVDs)

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 2 Life & Design (16 videos) – An incredible overview of the structures and systems found throughout creation. Explore the fascinating fields of biology, genetics, and intelligent design through in-depth interviews with six scientists featured in the film. (2 DVDs)

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 3 Bible & Stars (12 videos) – Learn much more about the stars, the moon, the tower of Babel, and the Biblical text in these videos featuring scientists and Biblical scholars from the film. (2 DVDs)

Is Genesis History? Bible Study Set (6 videos + book) – Understand what the entire Bible teaches about the first chapters of Genesis. This study  provides an in-depth look at what Biblical authors say about six key doctrines associated with Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Flood. (1 DVD, 136p Book)

“We designed these films to help educate you and your family on the truth of Biblical creation.” 

– Thomas Purifoy, Director

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