Book Bundle

Start your creation library today. These are our recommended books on the subject. Includes:
  • The New Creationism (Paperback)
  • Creation and Change (Hardback)
  • Faith, Reason, & Earth History (Hardback)
New Creationism is backordered and will not be available until mid to late March. It will ship separately from the rest of the order.


Start by reading these 3 great authors:

Paul Garner is a researcher and lecturer with Biblical Creation Ministries. He has a degree in Environmental Sciences (Geology/ Biology) and is a Fellow of the Geological Society. He is married with two children and resides in Cambridgeshire, England.

Douglas F. Kelly, Ph.D is the Professor of Theology Emeritus at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Leonard Brand, Ph.D is professor of biology and paleontology at Loma Linda University, and has been teaching at the university level for four decades. An active researcher, he is well published in professional scientific journals in the fields of paleontology, animal behavior, and ecology.