Seen the Film? Here are 5 Ways to Learn More

If you’re interested in getting a firmer grasp on the material, here are 5 great options for you:

1. Read an Overview of the Entire Film

We’ve summarized the basic arguments of the film here:

2. Watch Additional Videos

We have a variety of materials ranging from outtakes to Q&A’s which explore topics raised in the film:

3. Watch the 2017 IGH Conference (over 50 hours of material)

We held a conference in June 2017 and recorded extensive lectures from scientists and scholars featured in the film.  This material is at a semi-technical to technical level, and is excellent for going much deeper into the science and scholarship behind the film. You can either:

4. Choose Specific Topics or Use Our Resources

Look in the top menu of this site under Learn About or Resources depending on what you are looking for. You can also:

5. Choose an Expert to Learn From

Click on a name to read bios or get links to books, articles, and other materials associated with them on this site.

Read the full interview transcript from each scientist in the film.

Finally, Be on the Lookout for Additional Materials

These products will be available starting Late Summer 2017.  Please signup for updates to know when they will release.

  1. Is Genesis History? Companion Book a consolidation and distillation of all the material covered in the film.
  2. The Full Interviews Book (multi-volume book set) –  Edited transcripts of the full interviews with the scientists.
  3. The Full Interviews DVDs (multi-volume DVD set) – Approximately 30-40 hours of interviews with scientists. These will be edited into 60 shorter videos approximately 20 minutes each.
  4. Church Set (DVD/book set) – Six lessons and an accompanying book for use in churches.

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