Sneak Peek: ‘Beyond Is Genesis History?’

When we finished filming Is Genesis History? in 2016, we had over 40 hours of interviews. When we released the film in 2017, however, it was only 110 minutes long.

What happened to all the rest of that footage?

We’ve been editing it since this summer and are pleased to announce we will be releasing it in a new series of videos called Beyond Is Genesis History? The first volume, Rocks & Fossils, includes 20 new videos, over 6 hours of new footage, and a lots of new evidence for Creation and the Flood.

Volume 1: Rocks & Fossils – Now Available!

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 1 DVD image

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 2 : Life & Design DVD image


Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 3 : Bible & Stars DVD image


(Volumes 2 and 3 available Spring 2018)

Beyond Is Genesis History? is designed for people who enjoyed the film but want to understand more.

The segments are between 18-20 minutes each and focus on specific areas of science and scholarship. They are perfect for families, churches, schools, and homeschools wanting to learn how Genesis explains so much of the world around us.

It’s really incredible material. The upcoming first set includes never-before-seen interviews with the geologists and paleontologists featured in the film. (Click on each name to see their segments.)

1. Mount St. Helens: Catastrophic Geology
2. Mount St. Helens: Spirit Lake & the Floating Log Mat
3. Grand Canyon: The Grand Staircase
4. Grand Canyon: Desert View & the Colorado River
5. Grand Canyon: The Great Unconformity & Megasequences
6. Grand Canyon: Fossil Nautiloids
7. Museum: An Overview of the Rocks and Fossils
8. Museum: The Fossil Record & Design
9. Pocket Wilderness: The History of Life
10. Pocket Wilderness: Evidence of the Catastrophic Past
11. Pocket Wilderness: The Rapid Formation of Coal
12. Pocket Wilderness: The Order of the Fossils
13. Pocket Wilderness: After the Flood & the Nature of Science
14. Mount Baker: The Ice Age & Climate Change
15. Bone Bed: Exploring Fossils & Paleocurrents
16. Bone Bed: Catastrophe & Complexity
17. SP Crater: Radioisotope Dating, Part 1
18. SP Crater: Radioisotope Dating, Part 2
19. SP Crater: Catastrophic Plate Tectonics
20. Sedona: Evidence for a Young Earth


Watch Dr. Marcus Ross give an overview of the rocks and fossils in Discovery Park of America.

  • Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 1 : Rocks & Fossils

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  • Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 2 : Life & Design

    $29.95 $23.95
  • Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 3 : Bible & Stars

    $29.95 $19.95