Watch the Conference: Over 70 Creationist Lectures

We held our first conference June 19-23, 2017 at Freed Hardeman University in Dickson, Tennessee. A number of scientists and scholars from the film went much deeper into their areas of expertise.

There were four majors: Geology/Paleontology, Biological Sciences, Biblical Studies/Archeology, & Astronomy. The conference consisted of classroom lectures with accompanying Powerpoint slides.

Includes: 74 Video Lectures (Stream or Download), Audio MP4 files of all lectures, & Powerpoint PDFs for most lectures

(See the full list of lectures below)

We are offering the conference at this incredibly low price to enable as many people as possible to hear it. If you’d like to contribute something additional to pay for the scientists’ time, you can do so by writing in an additional amount.

TECHNICAL CAVEAT: We tried out a new series of cameras that enabled us simultaneously to stream, record, and edit the lectures; because they were new, however, they had a number of technical issues. Some lectures therefore have sub-par video and/or sound quality. We have tried to identify those in descriptions.

List of Lectures

General Topics

  • Why the Creation Issue Matters – Del Tackett
  • Why I am a Creationist – All scientists (nine 10 min segments)
  • Young Earth Creationism & the Philosophy of Science – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist
  • The Quest: Creationism in the 21st Century – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • Building a Biblical Worldview of Science – Del Tackett

Biblical & Archeological Studies

  • How do we know Genesis is History? – Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • How did the authority of Genesis get dethroned? – Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • Is Genesis Poetry or Narrative? A Statistical Analysis – Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • Intro to the Old Testament: A Kaleidoscope of Contexts – Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • Introduction to Old Testament Theology – Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • The Importance of Literary Structure to Understanding the Text -Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • Literary Structures in the Flood Account and our Understanding of the Flood – Steve Boyd, Hebraist
  • Intro to Biblical Archeology -Douglas Petrovich, Archeologist & Biblical Exegesis
  • Identifying the Post-Babel Dispersion – Douglas Petrovich, Archeologist & Biblical Exegesis
  • Evidence for Ephraim and Manasseh in Egypt – Douglas Petrovich, Archeologist & Biblical Exegesis
  • Evidence for Jacob and Joseph in Egypt -Douglas Petrovich, Archeologist & Biblical Exegesis
  • Exegetical Study: Day 1 of Creation – Douglas Petrovich, Archeologist & Biblical Exegesis
  • Hebrew as the First Alphabet -Douglas Petrovich, Archeologist & Biblical Exegesis

Geology & Paleontology

  • Grand Canyon: Creation and the Global Flood – Steve Austin, Geologist
  • The Mudrock Revolution – Steve Austin, Geologist
  • Continental Sprint – Steve Austin, Geologist
  • Mount St. Helens – Explosive Evidence for Creation – Steve Austin, Geologist
  • Where Darwin Went Wrong – Steve Austin, Geologist
  • Earthquakes of the Bible – Steve Austin, Geologist
  • Dating the Earth: Young or Old? – Andrew Snelling, Geologist
  • Radiocarbon: In Need of Recalibration – Andrew Snelling, Geologist
  • Radiometric Dating: Relative not Absolute Ages – Andrew Snelling, Geologist
  • Radiohalos – Andrew Snelling, Geologist
  • Pre-Cambrian Rocks – Andrew Snelling, Geologist
  • The Sedimentology of the Flood (Parts 1 & 2) – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist
  • The Geophysics of the Flood (Parts 1 & 2) – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist
  • The Paleontology of the Flood (Parts 1 & 2) – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist
  • The Fossil Record – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist
  • Pre-Flood Ecosystems – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist

Biological Sciences

  • Introduction to Creationist Biology – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • History of Creationist Thought – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • Human Genomes – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • Created Kinds: Baraminology – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • The Wonders of Biological Change – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • Natural Evil – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • Human Fossil Record – Todd Wood, Biologist
  • Examining Functions for Genetic Information – Joe Deweese, Biochemist
  • Biochemical Basis of Living Systems – Joe Deweese, Biochemist
  • Philosophy of Biology: Why do we need Baraminology – Kurt Wise, Paleontologist


  • Contrasting the Old Earth/Young Earth Paradigms – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • Light Travel Time Problem – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • Developing a Creationary Model of the Solar System – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • Problems in Cosmology – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • Extra Solar Planets – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • Countering the Flat Earth Phenomenon – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer
  • What About UFOs and ETs? – Danny Faulkner, Astronomer