Bring the Movie to Your City with Theatrical On Demand®

We have partnered with Gathr Films to allow individuals and groups the opportunity to bring screenings of “Is Genesis History?” in movie theaters across the country.


How Can I Purchase Tickets to a Screening Near Me?

Click FIND A SCREENING (or use the map below) and follow these 2 steps. You can also be notified if a screening happens in your area.

  1. Enter your city or zip code in the map to see the screenings in your area.
  2. Click the dot on the map for the screening you want to attend and reserve your tickets today.

How Can I Host a Screening?

You can become a Movie Captain & host your own screening. Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick the date and time.
  2. Pick a theater where you want to host your screening.
  3. Signup with Gathr to become a “Movie Captain” and Gathr will set everything up for you.
  4. Promote your screening and get people to reserve tickets online at the link Gathr provides you.

REMEMBER: With Theatrical On Demand® we can bring this film wherever and whenever the demand exists. Is Genesis History? will come to your city only if enough tickets are sold in advance. This means you can’t wait until the night of the showing to get your tickets—you have to get your tickets now if you want this film to come to your town.

Back in Theaters on Feb 22! Get Tickets for the Anniversary Event that includes Del Tackett touring the Ark Encounter Dismiss