Creation Science | From Genesis to the Grand Canyon

An in-depth exploration of the fascinating world of creation science, created by the producer of Is Genesis History? Fulfill a high school non-lab science credit with a unique mixture of videos, readings, research, and apologetics from a Christian worldview. Please note: the purchase of this product will take place on our partner site, Compass Classroom, and will be a separate transaction from items you may have in your cart.


Created by the producer of Is Genesis History?, this homeschool video series explains the science and scholarship within Genesis, as well as introduces the key scientists building the modern Creation-Flood model. Subjects covered include the following: geology, paleontology, biology, astronomy, archeology, philosophy of science, and much more—all presented from a Biblical worldview.

This high-school level science course includes a unique mixture of videos, essays, lectures, technical articles, and research projects. It also provides excellent apologetic material in terms of support for Biblical creation.

There are five books needed if a student is taking this course as designed for credit. See this step in the course for more details. You can purchase them with the course using the drop-down menu on this page, or head over to our Book Bundle to order the books at any time. Here’s what the bundle includes:

  • Devotional Biology Textbook
  • New Creationism
  • Thousands… Not Billions
  • Hallmarks of Design
  • Universe by Design
  • The Genesis Flood Revisited (optional add-on for advanced students)

Credit: 1 HS Science Credit (non lab-science)

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Thomas Purifoy, Jr.



Credit Amount

Full Credit


  1. First Steps
  2. An Overview of Everything
  3. What is Science? Meet the Scientists and Scholars
  4. The Biblical Record
  5. Advanced Topics: Biblical Authority to Philosophy of Science
  6. The Cause of the Flood
  7. The Evidence for the Flood
  8. Catastrophes in the Past
  9. The Fossil Record – Part 1
  10. The Fossil Record – Part 2
  11. The Age of Things: Evidence for a Young Earth
  12. The Age of Things: Radioisotope Dating
  13. The Natural History of the Earth
  14. The Post–Flood Period
  15. Advanced Topics: Precambrian Rocks to Flood Boundaries
  16. Intelligent Design in Nature
  17. Created Kinds: Living Creatures
  18. Created Kinds: Humans
  19. Diversity, Design, & DNA
  20. A World of Beauty & Death
  21. Advanced Topics: Molecular Biology to Genomes
  22. The Design of the Earth & the Solar System
  23. Competing Cosmologies
  24. Advanced Topics: UFOs to Black Holes
  25. The Tower of Babel
  26. The Culture of Genesis
  27. The Church & Genesis
  28. Advanced Topics: Biblical Archeology to the Hebrew Alphabet

Lessons include some or all of the following steps in our Learning Management System:

  • Watch a video lesson
  • Read an essay
  • Complete a project or research
  • Go deeper with a scientific lecture or paper