Is Genesis History? Group Viewing License

The Is Genesis History? group viewing license includes just what you need to show the movie at your church or other group setting for one year.  See the FAQs tab below for more info. Select your preferred format in the first drop-down box and the size of your group in the second.


The Is Genesis History? group viewing license includes just what you need to legally show the movie at your church or other group setting.  It includes:

  • An annual Is Genesis History? Movie License for 1 location.
  • The film in your requested format.

See the FAQs tab for more info.

The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) stipulates that the showing of a movie, beyond private, home viewing, requires an additional public performance license. This legal requirement applies regardless of whether an admission fee is charged or whether the institution or organization is commercial or non-profit.

Additional information

Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × .5 in
Group Size

0-75, 75-200, 200-600, 600+


I own the DVD. Why do we need a License?

The copyright law of the United States mandates that in order to use a copyrighted work | you must first gain permission from the copyright owner. Consumer DVD and Blu-rayTM are for in-home use only. Any showing outside a home is considered “public” and therefore permission is needed from the copyright owner to show the film.

The cost is prohibitive to us. Is there a way to get it for less | or how can we recoup the cost?

Some church networks and denominations have worked out discounts for their churches; check with those offices to find out if anything is available.

There are a number of ways to recoup any costs:

  1. If you need to ticket the event because of seating issues | list a “suggested donation” on the ticket (remember | you cannot require an admission price).
  2. Offer free admission | but sell concession tickets for popcorn and a drink | or a hot dog dinner.
  3. Collect a freewill offering or leave baskets at the doors to collect gifts. People are accustomed to paying to see a film | so giving a donation to cover costs would not be seen as unusual.
  4. Many churches simply ask the congregation to consider giving a special gift for the Movie Event above and beyond their regular giving. The cost of the License represents less than $1.00 per person in the typical church.
  5. Ask a local business to sponsor the event | give them placement on your promotional materials and do a short sponsorship “commercial” to thank them prior to showing the film.
  6. Purchase bulk DVDs and resell them at your event and use the proceeds to fund your event or future events.

Since I’m buying a License | can we charge admission?

No. You cannot charge for admission. The license only gives you permission to do a public showing of the Movie and marketing your event. However | there are a number of ways to recoup costs. (See ideas under “The Cost is Prohibitive to Us…”)

Can our church use clips from the film to be shown on our webcast | TV program | or radio broadcast?

No | you may not use clips from the film on your TV program | radio broadcast or Webcast. The only exception is using the trailer to promote an upcoming event.

We record our service | not for broadcast | but on DVD to be sold/provided for our congregation members | is that allowed?

No | you may not use clips from the film regardless of if the recorded media (DVD | tape | etc.) is sold or for free. The only exception is using the trailer to promote an upcoming event.