Exploring Ape-Men & Adam

We originally interviewed Dr. Todd Wood at the Memphis Zoo for his segment in Is Genesis History?  When we stopped at the gorillas, he briefly spoke about the hominin fossil record (the Ape-Man).  A small portion of the interview made it into the film, but we were not able to get as much as we would have liked on this important topic.

We were therefore pleased that Dr. Wood brought many more fossils to the 2017 IGH Student & Educators Conference and gave an excellent lecture on the topic.  (You can get this lecture and 70 others here.)

One of the interesting things about the fossil record is that it is so unpredictable. It has proven to be a challenge both to evolutionists and creationists in ways that neither of them probably expected. Dr. Wood takes an expansive look at the topic, and provides an important perspective as to why the hominin fossil record does not provide an effective argument for evolution.