A Useful Little Guide to the Film

We created a 16-page booklet that goes through the entire film and gives a brief summary of each section.  Our hope is that it provides a way to review the material at a high level to get a better perspective on what the film covers. It includes:

  1. Three Things to Know About the Film
  2. Section Summaries: Key  Takeaways from each Scientist
  3. Bonus Feature Overviews

If you purchased a DVD or Blu-ray, then you received a printed copy of it in the front left side of the case. If, however, you purchased a Video on Demand version of the film from iTunes, Amazon, or another service, then you didn’t get a copy of this guide.  You are welcome to download a copy for yourself, or to pass out to your church if you’re using the film in that capacity.

Download the PDF