Dr. Steve Boyd discusses his findings after using statistical analysis on the creation account in Genesis.

STEVE: The Biblical text is not compatible with the standard conventional paradigm. You can’t put the two together. My research showing that this is actually historical narrative means that they can’t do it. It’s not poetry. It’s not statistically admissible. I counted the number of particular verb type called it’s called the wayyiqtol. It forms the backbone of Hebrew narrative. And so I counted the number in all of the passages of the Hewbrew Old Testament, and we showed statistically that as you moved from poetry to narrative that the number of wayyiqtol went way up to like above 50% and the other direction was down 4% or something like that. And then my question is could you use this in some way to predict based upon the number of wayyiqtol whether a passage was poetry or narrative. And as a result looking just at Genesis 1:1-2:3 the probability that it is narrative is between .999942 and .999987. So that means this: That’s narrative. And then once you realize that the Biblical narrators also believed it was history and presented it as history and then we believe as Mer Sternberg, who’s Jewish, recognizes that we believe in inspiration. So if the authors thought it was historical then as interpreters we must believe it’s historical.

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