What was the World Like Before the Flood?

When we were at the 2017 Is Genesis History Conference, Kurt Wise presented one of the most amazing lectures we’ve ever heard on the world before the Flood.

It is the perfect example of examining the data behind a conventional model, taking the entire model apart, then reassembling the data into a creationist model that explains it better.

This is not an simple process. As Kurt Wise observes in the video:

“When it comes to recreating earth history…it’s as if you have a picture that you put into a jigsaw puzzle. You then chop it up into a jigsaw puzzle, then take the pieces and mix them up, then make another jigsaw from that.”

Although the video is a bit technical at points, it is absolutely worth listening to. Those who take the time to make it to the end will be rewarded with a completely new perspective on the pre-Flood world.

For those who would like to see more of these conference videos, some are available on our IGH Conference YouTube Playlist and all are available in our store.