How Important is Genesis to Our Culture Today?

Use this discussion in a church, group, or family setting after watching Is Genesis History?  You can also download the Church and Family Discussion Guide (PDF) (includes this discussion and much more).

Some people think that Genesis doesn’t have much relevance to the issues going on in our world today.  When you stop to consider it, however, Genesis actually has the most to say to the issues going on around us. 

You can either read the verse then ask the question, or ask the question and then read the verse.

  1. The Sanctity of Life – See Gen 9:6
    • Why is it wrong to murder people, including babies in the womb? 
  2. Families – See Gen 1:28, 9:7
    • Are children, families, and a growing population a good thing for the earth?
    • Was it God’s design to have a world covered with people?  
  3. Marriage – See Gen 2:18-25
    • Why is marriage only a relationship between one man and one woman, and not between two men or two women?  
  4. Male & Female – See Gen 1:27
    • Why can a man not change his sex (or gender) to that of a woman, or a woman to a man? 
    • And why is it wrong for people to want to do this? 
  5. Work – See Gen 1:28, 2:15, and 3:17-19
    • Why is it important to seek out a vocation that is pleasing to God and is in accordance with how He has made you? 
    • Why is work good? 
    • And yet why is work often difficult and painful? 
  6. Time – See Gen 1:14-18, Ex 20:11
    • How do we ultimately track the passage of time in terms of days, months and years?  
    • Why do we order our calendars in weeks of six days of work and one day of rest?  
  7. Food – See Gen 1:29 and 9:3
    1. Why are there so many different, pleasing things we can eat? 
    2. And why can we also eat animals?  
  8. Science – Gen 2:19-20
    1. If science is the process of seeking to study and understand God’s creation in order to explain, predict, and control it, who was the first scientist?  
  9. Environmental Stewardship – See Gen 2:8,9,15
    • Why are we to take care of the environment and steward it according to wise principles?  
  10. Climate Change/Global Warming – See Gen 8:22 
    • Can man’s actions significantly affect the earth’s climate, or has God fixed the seasons and weather according to His own plans? 
  11. Death & Corruption – See Gen 3:17-19
    • Why do people get sick and die, and why is the world running down? 
  12. Struggle with Sin – See Gen 4:6-7
    • Why is sin such a struggle for all of us? 
  13. Meaning of Life – See Gen 5:21-24
    • What is our ultimate purpose and the meaning of life?
    • How do we find true fulfillment? 
  14. Redemption – See Gen 3:15
    • When was the first promise given that Jesus Christ would come to redeem us?  

These are just a few of the many historical events recorded in Genesis that have direct impact on our world and our culture today.  Feel free to think of more.