Dr. Danny Faulkner explains why the big bang theory is not holding up over time.

DEL: It brings us to what most people see as the big theory concerning cosmology and the universe and that’s the Big Bang. How do you see that? Is it holding up over time?

DANNY FAULKNER: I don’t think so. I think it’s getting some problems so much so that more than a dozen years ago I think in the New Scientist Magazine there was an open letter protesting the Big Bang Theory and it’s had hundreds of signatories since. And most people signing it are atheists, they’re even creationists. So this idea that the Big Bang model is universally accepted is not true. There are many people out there, well known people, very famous physics and astronomy people that have real problems with the Big Bang. And I don’t see anyway that you can reconcile the Big Bang with the Bible, though a lot of people seem to think that you can. I think the temptation they have there is to try to interpret scripture in terms of the current cosmological thinking. That’s nothing new. That’s happened before as its turned out with disastrous results. So I think when you look at the history of science, the way we’ve discarded theories over time, we’ve had theories that were supposedly beyond dispute and then later on discarded, when you see that lesson from history and then you want to wed Genesis, you want to interpret Genesis in terms of a ruling paradigm, I think you need to be very careful.

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