The #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Worry About Climate Change

Part of Beyond Is Genesis History Vol. 1 - Rocks & Fossils

I never understood the usefulness of snowshoes until we filmed Dr. Larry Vardiman on a mountain in Washington in over 20 feet of snow.

Dr. Vardiman has his PhD in Atmospheric Science, so we wanted to interview him at a location that would give us some perspective on the topics we were going to talk about: the Ice Age, ice cores, and climate change. He recommended a glacier near Mt. Baker so we could have a fantastic view of it from the nearby ski area.

When we got there, the snow plow had been doing its work and there were walls of snow over 15 feet high on both sides of the road. I was one of the first people to dig a passage to the other side, but when I stepped into the snow, my boot went straight through and didn’t stop going until my entire leg was stuck. Having grown up in the South, I’d never tried to walk in snow this deep.

The glacier on Mt Shuksan can be seen in the distance behind director Thomas Purifoy.

Del, Larry, and the other guys in our crew had donned their snow shoes and were slowly making their way to the passage we had dug out. I was amazed to see them climb up, put one foot on the snow…and not sink in! Del, who is from Colorado, chuckled at my comments about snowshoes: he had spent years using them and knew how necessary they were in deep snow.

It was an incredibly beautiful day. The snow flurried a bit in morning, then the clouds cleared away and the sun came out. The ice on the glacier literally shone with a blue light. It was amazing.

As we settled in to listen to Larry and Del, I was absolutely fascinated. Larry explained the cause of the Ice Age and how it related to the unusual atmospheric conditions in the world immediately after the global flood. This led to an explanation of current concerns about climate change, and how they are the result of a deep confusion about earth history. He then moved to the question of ice cores and explained how they actually point to a major catastrophe in the past.

This is a must-see video if you want to dispel the concerns and hysteria that have overwhelmed so many people today concerning climate change.

If you’d like to learn more about creationist ideas concerning the Ice Age, I recommend two books by Mike Oard, another scientist who worked closely with Larry Vardiman: The Frozen Record (on ice cores) and Frozen in Time (on the Ice Age). For more information on climate change, consult The Cornwall Alliance. (Sign up for their emails – they are fantastic!)

Dr. Vardiman’s full interview is included in Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 1 Rocks & Fossils. The topics he talks about are extremely important to understanding what happened after Flood.