This is a seven lesson video devotional study that can be used by families or individuals. They are written by the writer and director of the film.  1. Read the Selected Scriptures, 2. Watch the Video Segment, 3. Read the Devotional.

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Speakers: Dr. Del Tackett and Dr. Marcus Ross, Paleontologist

Verses: Genesis 3:17-19; Genesis 6:9-24

I’m sometimes asked what I saw when filming that most changed my view of Genesis. Without question, it was realizing how violent the world was before the Flood. Seeing where dinosaurs fit into the Biblical picture is an eye-opening experience.

The problem we have with Genesis is that we often read our current experiences back into that time period. When we hear that people and animals were violent, we assume they were like what we know today.

But that’s not what you see when you look at the fossil record. The world was very different than we know it today. The continents were in other places, the climate was warmer, and the animals were radically unfamiliar.

When God cursed the Creation, something profound happened to the plants and animals that changed them. It’s hard to understand exactly what, but we see the results of these changes in the billions of fossils buried in the earth.

I remember standing underneath a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s a scary-big killing machine. But that’s only one of literally hundreds of carnivorous reptiles and creatures living on the land and in the oceans before the Flood. That adds up to a lot of violence and death.

Fossil expert Dr. Art Chadwick observed it might not be easy to kill some of these dinosaurs even today, especially if they were hunting in a pack. Just imagine how dangerous it would have been for people with far less technology. There’s a good reason Jurassic Park movies are frightening.

When you stop to consider it, the fossil record is a testimony to God’s global judgment during the Flood. He was wiping out sin that had infected every aspect of the creation.

Personally, I think it was a blessing for all of us. Although a few dinosaurs were likely on the ark, it seems the world after the flood was a different place than the world before the flood; for some reason, the dinosaurs died out.

Of course, we can look at this in another way. Sin creates monsters out of things that were intended to be good. And it can do the same to us. God hates violence, no matter what form it takes. He came to provide the final solution for it.

Reflection: Are there sins in your life that are hurting people around you?

Other Lessons:

1: The Origin of Literally Everything

2: The Science of Animals

3: Why do Adam & Eve Matter?

4: How Violent was the World?

5: What Did the Flood Do?

6: What Happened at Babel?

7: Why are Creation and the Flood So Important?

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