70 Minutes to Understand the Fossil Record

The fossil record can be difficult to understand. It is, however, an extremely important witness to the results of the global flood and its aftermath in the post-flood period.

During the 2017 IGH Conference, Dr. Kurt Wise explored the impact of the Flood on the earth in a series of three in-depth lectures. This lecture on the “study of fossils,” the second in the series, provides a fascinating look at the nature of the fossil record.

Paleontology is actually Kurt’s specialty, having received his PhD from Harvard while studying under evolutionary paleontologist Steven J. Gould. Needless to say, Kurt understands paleontology extremely well from both perspectives.

An extended version of this lecture was included in the 2017 IGH Conference; you can purchase it and over 70 more for only $10.

Specific topics of “Paleontology of the Flood” include:

  • 2:40 – Biostratigraphic Column
  • 10:00 – Nature of Fossilization
  • 19:45 – Footprints/Trackways
  • 25:00 – Disparity vs. Diversity
  • 29:00 – Organismal Change: Stasis and Abrupt Appearance
  • 32:30 – Testing Evolutionary Claims
  • 40:00 – Floating Forest Theory
  • 50:00 – Explanation of Coal Layers
  • 1:07:00 – Overview of Model

You can watch the first lecture here: 90 Minutes of Evidence for the Global Flood – The Sedimentology of the Flood.